‘Quarter of fresh Harvard graduates claims 10 sex partners’

London, May 31:

If we believe a latest Harvard University survey, 26 percent of students have had 10 or more sexual partners but 21 percent of senior students rate themselves still virgin.

sex sceneSurprisingly, nearly a quarter of students (one in four) said they did not have sex while attending the college, according to the annual survey published by the college newspaper titled “Harvard Crimson”.

While 60 percent of students said they drank at least once a week, 40 percent reported that they had tried smoking marijuana at least once.

Meanwhile, seven percent of students said they had tried cocaine or ecstasy and eight percent said they had tried psychedelic drugs, the Guardian reported.

The survey included 760 respondents — nearly half of Harvard’s graduating class.

Nearly 21 percent of students said they or their family were in debt from college-related costs.

While 41 percent of respondents said their starting salary would be more than $70,000, eight percent were leaving college knowing they would be making $110,000.

The group that felt most marginalised was black students.

About 74 percent of these students said they felt marginalised because of their race, the survey said. (IANS)

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