Raging Portugal forest fire now curbed

Lisbon: The devastating forest fire in Portugal that has raged for days and claimed at least 64 lives, has been brought under control, an official said.

Portuguese Civil Protection Operational Commander Vitor Vaz Pinto told reporters on Wednesday that the first phase of the firefighting has come to an end and the big fires are under control in the Pedrogao Granda area, Xinhua news agency reported.

Though the situation of fire remains complicated, “they will try all means to consolidate what they have achieved and prevent the fires from re-igniting”.

The power supply has also been restored in the area, the media reported.

However, the fire in neighbouring area of Gois are still blazing but they are expected to be brought under control soon due to the falling temperature, according to the Portuguese Lusa News Agency.

A total of 1,156 firefighters and 413 vehicles were involved in the firefighting in the Gois area, according to the Portuguese Civil Protection Authority.

The forest fire, the most devastating for more than 40 years in Portugal, have killed at least 64 people and injured 204 others.

A minute of silence was held in the whole country on Wednesday in memory of those killed in the fires.

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Prime Minister Antonio Costa attended a funeral of a young firefighter who died while battling the raging fire on Monday.

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