Rare dhak tree with yellow flowers found in Odisha’s Bargarh district

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bargarh, Arp 14:

The recent finding of a rare dhak (Palasa) tree with yellow flowers in the Gandhamardan hill range in Bargarh district has brought cheers for environmentalists and botanists in Odisha.

Yellow dhak flowerAccording to reports, the rare tree, belonging to Leguminosae plant family, has been found at S Dumberpalli village on the foothills of Gandhamardan hills.

While dhak trees having red flowers are found in most parts of the state, the blooming of yellow flower in the tree has surprised the people of the area and environmentalists alike.

Claiming that all parts of the tree, including the flower, have immense medicinal properties, environmentalists have demanded proper conservation of this rare plant the number of which is very less in the Gandhamardan region.

“We had a large number of this variety of dhak trees in our village earlier. Now the village has only one tree,” said Premraj Sahu and Premananda Sahu of S Dumberpali village.

According to Pareswar Pradhan, a botanist, there are six varieties of dhak trees found in India of which trees having yellow and white dhak flowers are mostly found in Jharkhand while these trees have red flower in the remaining states including Odisha.

This dhak tree with yellow flowers has immense medicinal property and is considered a boon for the women as it cures a number of gynaecological diseases. Besides, ayurvedic doctors have also claimed that it helps in the treatment of some critical disease like kidney stone, diabetes, chicken pox and complex eye ailments.

The blooming of dhak flowers indicates the onset of the spring. Another feature of the dhak flower is that it is not offered to the Gods at any time of the year except on the Dola festival.

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