Reckless behaviour, dodging testing could be damaging: Health Ministry

New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Tuesday that irresponsible behaviour of people could lead to a damaging situation as far as the Covid-19 pandemic is concerned in India.

The Health Ministry officials said that as per the inputs received from the state governments, people are avoiding tests despite having symptoms of the disease.

Besides, many people are also not following the basic Covid-19 preventive measures such as wearing masks and avoiding large gatherings.

“This could damage the situation which is still in our command,” said VK Paul, Head of the National Task Force on Covid-19, at the weekly press briefing of the Health Ministry on Tuesday.

“The situation is still in our command as we have successfully reduced the mortality rate and the share of active cases. However, we have received complaints from the state governments that people are not confirming to testing and Covid-19 appropriate behaviour. This can make India’s case volatile,” Paul said.

He also cautioned that avoiding testing could be particularly dangerous.

“If we do not undergo testing despite having symptoms, it is not just dangerous for the individual, but also for the family members and the community at large,” he said.

Paul also said that a tendency has been observed in people where they go for tests only after showing severe symptoms.

“We lose crucial time to contain the spread of the virus by such acts. Such an individual could infect many during the period. This attitude should be changed. There is nothing to be afraid of getting tested,” he said.

Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that “do gaz ki door” (social distancing) and use of masks is mandatory and should be followed at all times.


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