Recovery of severed limbs in garbage bin in Bhubaneswar sends shockwaves

Bhubaneswar: Residents of Bhubaneswar City especially near the Ram Mandir area were shocked after severed limbs of a human being were found in a garbage bin behind the temple today evening.

A senior official of the Commissionerate Police said the chopped off limbs have been recovered from the garbage site. There were several sutures on the legs as well. The body parts will be sent to AIIMS, Bhubaneswar to find out how old the body parts could be.

“As no foul smell emanating out of the severed limbs, it seems these were kept in preservatives. We will be looking into all possible angles. As the Neelachal Institute of Medical Science is located nearby, we will investigate into their possible involvement also. We will examine how the chopped off limbs found its way to the garbage spot,” the police official added.

Initially, a passerby spotted the severed limbs in the garbage bin behind Ram Mandir and informed the police. The news spread like wildfire and a large of number passersby and office-goers gathered at the spot.

A local said as renovation work at the Neelachal Institute of Medical Science is on, there are possibilities that the hospital staff might have disposed of these human body parts, that usually medical institutions  keep for practical teaching, in the waste bin.

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