Remnants of ancient temple found near Lingaraj temple in Odisha’s capital city

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Dec 1:

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on Sunday found the remnants of an ancient temple near Lingaraj temple in Odisha’s capital city.
“The temple, belonging to the 11th and 12th Century, is built with pancha ratha style”, said Arun Nayak, heritage conservationist, to Sambad.

According to reports, a technical team of ASI, led by Prof GC Mitra on December 3, 2012 had conducted groundwork survey of Ekamreswar temple situated at a distance of nearly 40 feet to the south-east of Lingaraj temple, for renovation work.

As some parts of the temple, neglected since years, had buried underground, the ASI team had dug up around 15-20 feet to examine the structures.

Later, a team of State Archaeological department began the renovation work of the excavation work of the Ekamreswar temple.

After digging out 11-12 feet around the temple, the team had found an ancient temple beneath the ground on the south-west side of the temple.
Nearly two years after, the ASI team, while digging up around 10 feet of the earth around the main temple of Ekamreswar on Sunday, found the temple top (dadhi nauti) of another ancient temple on the south-east side facing towards Lingaraj police station.

“We have found the existence of another underground temple inside Ekamreswar temple after digging out the temple periphery area for conservation and renovation work. The excavation work of the underground temple is presently underway, said BP Ray”, said Superintendent of the State Archaeology department.

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