Remo quits politics, to pursue music

Panaji, March 21 :

Popular musician Remo Fernandes, one of AAP’s most celebrated members in Goa, now wants to distance himself from politics because the rigours of active politics were squelching his music.

Remo Fernandes
Remo Fernandes

Remo, who was initially being talked about as the party’s candidate from the South Goa parliamentary constituency, said in his Facebook post that he still believed wholeheartedly in Arvind Kejriwal and his vision for India and that he continued to support the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), even allowing the party to use a commercial space for an office in the heart of the state capital rent-free.

“Even as a normal party worker, I gave 100 percent of my time and mind-space when I did get involved (with AAP) because that is my nature… But the mindspace required in politics is full of… well, politics. External, and most unfortunately internal. Enough to kill music in me forever,” Remo says in his post.

The musician was one of the early members of the party, which he joined a few months back.

Remo, whose exit is expected to affect whatever little momentum has been generated by AAP in Goa, also said that after spending time in active politics he had realised that music was his only passion.

“I must not strangulate it by entering politics. I have, therefore, returned full time to the first and the greatest love of my life,” said Remo, whose music and activism have made him a household name in Goa.

Even in his exit, Remo claimed that he continues to believe in the “philosophies, principles and actions” of Arvind Kejriwal.

“I believe that he and his manifesto are the only ones aimed at stamping out corruption and empowering the people of India,” Remo said.


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