Russian soldiers looted kettles, coffee makers from Chernobyl nuclear plant: Ukraine

Kiev: Russian troops have looted the Chernobyl nuclear power plant before withdrawing, Ukraine has claimed.

Yevhen Kramarenko, Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management said Russian military equipment stationed in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant territory began to withdraw.

After some of the Russian equipment had left, a Russian commander named Yakushev — with the call sign 90th — offered to draw up a deed. He threatened that if this did not happen, Russian troops would take Ukrainian power plant workers to Belarus. The deed was signed under this threat. After the deed was signed, the Russian soldiers began looting and then left the power plant, Ukrayinska Pravda reported.

Employees were at their workplaces at the time and were barred from leaving control rooms and offices. Later, when they realised that it was very quiet, they decided to go around and inspect the power plant.

They saw that the Russian soldiers had stolen computers, kettles, coffee makers, and containers with personal property that were at the station. They also looted a hotel near the nuclear power plant, taking kitchen utensils, forks, spoons, and sets of dishes.

At first glance, all indicators were normal and no significant damage to the Chernobyl infrastructure is yet visible. Later, more highly trained specialists will be able to check the technical condition of all facilities, the report said.


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