Wearable device to turn hands into keyboard

London, March 9 :

As the race for wearable computer devices heats up with the entry of Google Glass, a report suggests that Samsung is also working on a wearable device that can turn hands into a virtual keyboard.Samsung Glass

The device enables users to wear a camera, look down at the hands and the thumb can control virtual keys that are projected on the hand.

Numbers could be assigned to forefinger, while symbols could be assigned to middle finger.

Alternatively, letters could be displayed at various points across the fingers and palm from top to bottom.

Users would then use their thumb to press the various keys on both hands.

The camera would capture the movement of the thumb, or identify the force pressed onto each finger to establish which key has been pressed and type the message accordingly, said a report in The Korea Times.

The Galaxy Glass would also allow the wearer to make and receive calls and listen to music, it added.


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