Say ‘good-bye’ to hair fall with these 10 foods

Bhubaneswar: If fallen hair strands on your clothes and combs haunt you every day, you are not alone in this.

Beautiful hair is something that everyone desires, be it men or women. It simply adds to their self-confidence thus enhancing their personalities. But, the catch is hair fall has turned a legitimate crisis in today’s world.

Many factors contribute to the poor scalp and hair health in men and women out of which, pollution and nutrition-cut in daily diet top the chart. Although medical science has some temporary solutions, here are 10 foods that can help you fight hair-fall naturally:

  • Carrot: rich in Vitamin A, carrots nourish the scalp; make the hair moisturized, strong and lustrous.
  • Oats:  a bowl of oats is loaded with zinc, iron and omega-6 fatty acids which, on regular consumption, work wonders for hair growth and strength.
  • Green peas: contain vitamins and iron and zinc in a balanced proportion which helps keep hair healthy.
  • Eggs: they are your hair’s closest confidants. They are rich sources of proteins, iron, biotin, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega 6 fatty acids that not only enhance the quality of hair but also reduce its breakage.
  • Yogurt: nourishes the hair. The calcium and casein content in a low-fat yogurt help strengthen the hair fibers.
  • Flax seed: are rich in zinc and omega 3 fatty acids that apart from nourishing the body, nurture the hair strands too.
  • Spinach: a club-house of potassium, calcium, vitamins (A&C) and minerals like iron, magnesium and also omega-3 fatty acids; it is an elixir for the health of scalp and hair.
  • Walnuts:  regular intake of these protein, biotin, vitamin and magnesium loaded nuts strengthen the hair cuticles and protect them from damages due to UV rays from the sun.
  • Fruits rich in Vitamin C: antioxidants and collagen in fruits like oranges, lime, papaya, etc repair dull and brittle hair making them strong, healthy and lustrous.
  • Lentils:  besides proteins, zinc, and biotin, these are rich in folic acids that cater sufficient oxygen to the scalp, thus strengthen the hair follicles.

Some other foods like chicken, strawberries, and prunes also contribute to healthy, anti-breakage hair. So, add your favorite foods into your daily diets and make your hair-care routine healthier.

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