Shame: Minor girl locked up in room, raped for a week in Odisha capital

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Dec 29:

In a shocking incident that is symptomatic of how safe the Odisha capital has become for women, a minor girl was confined to a room in the Khanadgiri area and raped by different men for seven days before managing to escape on Sunday.

(file pic)
(file pic)

According to a complaint lodged in the Mahila police station here, the girl staying in Nirankari Nagar of Salia Sahi area here was taken to the house in Khandagiri on the pretext of shopping by a woman named Tuni, her neighbour, nearly a week ago and locked up inside a dingy room.The unsuspecting girl accompanied her only to realise later that she wanted to push her into flesh trade.

Her ordeal of sexual assault started the same night when an elderly man came and raped her. The routine continued for a week with a new man raping her each time before she somehow managed to escape on Sunday. According to her, two other girls who stayed in the house had also been engaged in flesh trade

She first went to a shop in the area and then called the police contol room from there. A PCR van arrived and took the girl to her home in Salia Sahi.

After she narrated her horryfying ordeal to her parents, they contacted the Odisha Nari Sachetanata Mancha, a women’s organisation who, in turn, lodged an FIR at the Mahila police station.

Police have started investigation into the case and conducted a medical test on her. Meanwhile, Tuni has gone into hiding.




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