Shree Mandir Jagamohana repair to begin tomorrow

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Jan 26:

The long awaited repair of the Jagamohana of the Shree Jagannath temple, the 12th century shrine in Odisha’s holy town Puri will start from tomorrow.

Sri Jagannath temple, Puri
Sri Jagannath temple, Puri

On the first day expert team of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), member technical, Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) chief administrator and repair monitoring committee in the presence of sevayats (servitors) will re-evaluate the condition of the Jagamohana.

Repair work will start from the column near the Bhandara Ghara on the north-western side. Two niti (ritual) committees have been formed for the smooth and disciplined conduct of rituals of the Lords during the repair period.

“Since rituals will start at 2 AM, I feel things will be streamlined within two-three days. First scaffoldings will be erected then after some days removal of lime plaster etc. will be taken up. Similar arrangements like the one during Bhitar Katha (inner barricade) darshan will be applicable and all have agreed to it,” said Suresh Mohapatra chief administrator SJTA briefing reporters.

While one committee will oversee conduct of rituals from 2 AM to 11 AM, the other committee will oversee conduct of rituals from 6 PM till pahuda (the time when deities retire for the day or end of rituals for the day).

Similarly, a committee with sevayats in it has been formed for monitoring repair work. The committees have said that apart from smooth conduct of rituals it will extend full cooperation to the ASI during the repair work.

“The committee will oversee that the dust during the repair work doesn’t fall on the deities. Moreover, will see to it that devotees visiting the temple have smooth and disciplined darshan of the Lords from the Jay Bijay Dwara,” said Biswanath Samantra, a member of the ritual committee.

The SJTA three days back has issued an order to different sevayat (servitor) nijogs (association) for disciplined conduct of rituals of the Lords during the repair period. The SJTA order has details of the approved time table for conduct of rituals during the repair period.

As per schedule repair work will start at 11 AM and end at 6 PM to start again at 11 AM the next day.

The ASI has formed five teams for different jobs. It has been targeted to complete repairs by May, if required it may take a week or two for completion. The technical committee has asked to complete repairs before Snana Purnima.

The SJTA chief administrator had a closed door meeting on Monday with the office bearers of seven sevayat nijogs (servitor bodies) on the Jagamohana repair and conduct of rituals during the period. Office bearers of Pratihari Nijog, Pratibadu Nijog, Suarabadu Nijog, Pujapanda Nijog and Puspalak Nijog had participated in the meeting.



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