Sitting idle for long can invite these health issues

Bhubaneswar:  If the COVID-19 pandemic has turned you a couch-potato, you need to get on your feet and start walking in the least, as medical experts say that too much sitting could harm your body in several ways.

Adding some kind of physical activity to a daily routine is imperative for a person’s physical and mental health. Be it a simple morning walk, an exercise routine, dance, or some form of sports, it all contributes to a person’s health harmony. But, once the regular physical activities come to a pause, people turn slouchy and gradually attract diseases.

Here are some long-term effects that you will have to deal with eventually if you are sitting too much:

There will be weight gain

Weight gain is quite an obvious outcome of sitting too much. Unfortunately, the process of losing weight is not as fast or easy as gaining it.  Once the fat addition starts, possibilities of several cardiovascular and digestive diseases come along the way and then you get stuck with obesity.


Life span will shorten

Sticking to a couch or chair or a bed for a long time on a regular basis can cut your life-span short. Even if you hit the gym or work out regularly, it won’t matter if you spend your day after the gym, seated for a long time.


Risks of Dementia

Dementia is a brain disorder that could be simply explained as ’forgetfulness’.  A person with practice of sitting for a long time has a brain that resembles the brain of a dementia patient.  That apart, there are risks of diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases etc.


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

DVT is a condition of clot formation in the leg of a person who spends a lot of time seated.  They experience swelling and pain and in the worse cases, affect their lungs.


Aggravating anxiety

You might be indulged in a screen-based activity but even sitting there for a long time could shoot your anxiety level and you tend to cut off from your near and dear ones.


Varicose veins

Sitting for a long stretch of time puts pressure on the veins of a person’s legs. This could lead to swelling, bulging, or twisting of those veins.  Although not serious, they could cause an ugly ache.



Elderly people who seat too much suffer from osteoporosis which means weakened bones. This condition bars them from carrying out even their basic every-day activities like using the toilet or taking bath.


  Risks of Cancer

You could never guess that just sitting idle at one spot for a long time could invite cancer risks. Cancer could be colon, breast, or even lung. Women in their later ages are more prone to breast cancers.

Other diseases like diabetes and back issues might also add to the chart in some cases. So, if you want to avoid suffering from any of these diseases, restructure your daily routine and make sure you don’t stay seated at one spot for a long time.


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