Sorcerer sexually assaults woman in Odisha for 79 days!

Jaleswar: A woman was sexually assaulted on different occasions in a locked room in Raibanai area under Jaleswar block in Balasore district for past 79 days. This shocking matter came to light after the woman lodged a complaint at the Jaleswar Police Station narrating her ordeal.

As per the complainant, the woman was married to Nilamani Jena from Chamaragaon under Raibania police station four years back. Within six months of their marriage, there was a marital issues between the woman and husband. Subsequently, the in-laws and husband of the woman started torturing her.

The in-laws took the woman to one SK Toraff from Purusottampur in Bhogarai, who performs sorcery to resolve the issues. Her mother-in-law forced the woman to establish a physical relationship with Toraff. The woman’s mother-in-law also told the complainant if she does not agree to the proposal, Nilamani might die and evil things will happen to the family.

The woman’s daughter-in-law put the complainant and the sorcerer in a room and locked it thereafter. The sorcerer sexually assaulted the complainant.

Few weeks later, the mother-in-law again took the woman to the sorcerer who gave the complainant sedative causing her to beomce unconscious.

When the woman gained her consciousness, she found herself along with her two-and-half-year-old son in a locked room. Since then Toraff raped the complainant in the locked room for 79 days in front of her child.

Last week, the sorcerer locked the room from outside but had left his mobile phone mistakenly there. As the sorcerer was away from the room, the woman called up her parental family members with the mobile phone that he had left behind.

On April 28, the Morada Police raided the room and rescued the woman and her child. But, the sorcerer managed to gave a slip to the police.

The woman has sustained injuries because of the sorcerer’s torture. The accused also beat the complainant’s two-and-half-year-old son causing fracture in his hand.

The woman lodged a complaint against Nilamani Jena, mother-in-law Gita Rani Jena, father-in-law Purna Chandra Jena, brother-in-law Suryamani Jena and Sk Toraff at the Jaleswar Police Station.

On basis of the complaint, a case has been registered under Sec 498-A, 294, 323, 342, 417, 109, 376(2)(n), 506 and 34 of IPC, and Sec 4 of the Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 and Sec 5 and Sec 6 of the Odisha Prevention of Witch-hunting Act 2013. Investigation into the case is underway.

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