Sravana Vrat January 2022 Date, Rituals, Nakshatra, Significance

Sravana Vrat or Sravana Vratham, an auspicious fasting by Vaishnava devotees, is observed every month on the day of ‘Sravana Nakshathram’. The vrat is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Sravana Vrat January 2022 Date: January 5, Wednesday.

Nakshatra Timing : January 04, 10:57 am – January 05, 8:46 am.

Sravana Vratham Rituals: Devotees who observe Sravana Vratham keep a fast for 24 hours starting from the sunrise of the Sravana Vratham day till the dawn of the next day.

Those who observe partial fasting and are allowed to eat fruits.

Consumption of non-vegetarian food and alcohol is strictly prohibited.

The observer of Sravana Vratham breaks fast after offering ‘naivedyam’.

Those who keep strict fast must take only liquid diet on the following day.

Devotees also observe silence for few hours on the day of Sravana Vratham.

It is auspicious to recite ‘Pancha Sooktham’ or ‘Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam’ on the day of Sravana Vratham.

Sravana Vratham Significance

It is believed that one who observes the Sravana Vratham in a ritualistic manner will be bestowed with happiness and prosperity.

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