Stone with ‘Ram’ inscribed on it found floating in UP river

Mainpuri: A video of a stone, floating in the Isan river in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri district, has gone viral on social media. Its weight is reported to be around 5.7 kg and has the name of Lord Ram inscribed on it.

In the viral video from Ahimalpur in Thana Bewar area of Mainpuri, the stone can be seen floating on the water.

According to reports, some children had gone fishing in the river on Saturday when they saw the stone floating in the river.

The children brought the stone to the village elders. Some of the locals claim that the stone is associated with ‘Ram Setu’ – the bridge that was built when Lord Rama was heading for war with Ravana in the epic Ramayana.

Village head Nitin Pandey said, “Yes, a stone has been found floating in the river, on which the name of Ram is written. We have kept it in the house. Some people say that this is the stone of Rameshwar, from which the bridge was built. Everyone has their own opinion but things have to be verified.”

The locals want this stone to be installed near a temple for worship.

District officials, meanwhile, refused to comment saying that they did not have full information of the incident.


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