Surrendered Maoist leader says leadership tarnishing his image

Hyderabad, Jan 20 :

Top Maoist leader G.V.K. Prasad alias Gudsa Usendi, who surrendered to police this month, has accused the Communist Party of India-Maoist of resorting to his character assassination.

Prasad, who was active in Chhattisgarh, admitted that Santoshi Markam, who also surrendered with him, is his live-in partner and they decided to lay down arms due to both health problems and ideological differences.

GVK Prasad alias Gudsa Usendi ( pic : The Hindu )
GVK Prasad alias Gudsa Usendi ( pic : The Hindu )

The former spokesperson of the Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZC) and Santoshi Monday issued a statement rubbishing the allegations made by DKSZC secretary Ramanna.

Ramanna, who heads the CPI-Maoist in Dandakarnya region, last week called Prasad a “traitor”.

Referring to the Maoist leader’s allegation of “moral misdemeanor”, Prasad said the party leadership discovered this only after his surrender.

Pointing out that he served the party for almost three decades, the surrendered guerrilla said the party rank and file knew well about him and his personal behaviour.

The 45-year-old, who hails from Warangal in Andhra Pradesh, said that after the death of his first partner in 1999, he married one Raje in 2001 but they separated in 2011.

Last year, he and his friend Santoshi Markam decided to live together.

“We wanted to inform the party about this and get a formal approval. But due to our illness and disillusion with the party’s policies, decisions and tactics, we decided to leave the party,” the statement said.

Prasad with his partner Santoshi Markam ( pic : Deccan Chronicle)
Prasad with his live-in partner Santoshi Markam ( pic : Deccan Chronicle)

He claimed to have written a letter to the leadership, informing it of his decision and mentioning the differences due to “sectarian and bureaucratic approach of the central leadership”.

Prasad said that since 2008 he had been opposing the destruction of school buildings, indiscriminate and excessive killing of tribals after branding them police spies, and blasting of electricity towers.

“But the CC (central committee) leadership never realized that it is due to these kinds of acts that the mass base of the movement is weakening continuously and we have been getting isolated particularly from the intellectual/middle class sections in DK (Dandakaranya).”


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