‘Taking effective steps to contain Maoist violence’

New Delhi, Aug 12 :

The central government is taking effective steps to contain Maoist violence in parts of the country, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said Tuesday.

Rajnath Singh 1“Government is taking effective steps to contain Naxalism (Maoism), but we will also take measures to address the social causes which are leading to Naxalism,” Rajnath Singh said in a reply during question hour in the Lok Sabha.

The home minister conceded that the state police forces face a shortage of sophisticated weapons to counter the Maoists.

“The central government gives assistance to the state governments on this from time to time,” he said, adding: “It is our effort to take state governments into confidence and well equip our state police forces so that they can meet all challenges.”

Elaborating on steps taken to address social challenges behind Maoism, he said: “From time to time the central government sends advisories to the state government that workers should be given minimum wages.”

Every state government is expected to implement land reforms in their respective states, he said.

The home minister said the central government had called the chief secretaries and the director generals of police of 10 Maoist affected states and discussed a plan to combat it.


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