Talks underway for peaceful surrender of Kabul: Taliban

Kabul: The Taliban said on Sunday that negotiations were underway with the Afghan government for the peaceful surrender of Kabul, adding that there was no plan whatsoever to topple the capital city militarily

In a statement, the insurgent group acknowledged that the fighters have no intention to enter the Afghan capital Kabul and will enter the city peacefully.

The statement reads that Kabul is the most populated city of Afghanistan and the fighters are not allowed to enter the city and are directed to stay out of Kabul’s doors.

The statement was published hours after fear and panic spread in the city and people are roaming on the streets.

People seemed to be closing shops and markets and there is no city transportation available in the city, Afghan media reported.

The Afghan Presidential Palace also said in Facebook posts that the situation of Kabul is under control and the Afghan forces are working along with international allies to secure the Afghan capital.

“We reiterate that Afghanistan Islamic Emirate has nothing to do with the civil and military officials in Kabul. We are not seeking revenge and there is general pardon for government officials,” said the statement.

The statement further reads that the upcoming Islamic system will comprise all classes and groups in Afghanistan.



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