Tanishq’s special jewellery collection on Ratha Yatra

The auspicious day of Ratha Yatra that is looked forward to by lakhs of Jagannath devotees is around the corner and people are ready to immerse in the festivity with traditional fervour. God of universe “Sri Jagannath”, the vast and religious culture of Odisha is known as Sri Jagannath Sanskruti.

Thirteen festivals in twelve months are celebrated for Lord Sri Jagannath. Every year Ratha Yatra is celebrated in Ashada Shukla Dwitiya Tithi. On this auspicious day Lord Sri Jagannath, Lord Sri Balabhadra and Goddess Debi Subhadra start their journey to Sri Gundicha Mandir by sitting in their chariots. For centuries Ratha Yatra is considered a journey of victory or Jayayatra of history. Sri Jagannath Sanskruti is the greatest contribution of the Ganga Dynasty. Sri Jagannath sits in his chariot Nandighosa, Sri Balabhadra in Taladhwaja and Devi Subhadra in Debadalana and spreads love among humans all over the world. The glory of Nilachakra, Sudarshan and Aruna stamba is widely known. Sri Jagannath is not only the Bada Thakura of Odisha but he is the tutelary deity of the state. Darubramha Sri Jagannath, Purna Brahma.

The relationship between gold jewellery and Lord Sri Jagannath’s Rath Yatra dates long back. Lord Sri Jagannath, Lord Sri Balabhadra, and Goddess Subhadra are adorned with beautifully carved gold jewellery and are loaded with precious stones and the yellow shine of the gold from top to bottom. The deities are dressed in glittering gold ornaments on their respective chariots, on Lord’s return from Mausima temple. This is a very rich tradition and culture of Sri Jagannath, Odisha.

About the collection:

As we are slowly but steadily recovering from the 2nd wave of COVID-19, the auspicious occasion of Ratha Yatra is here to bless us all and comes with a promise of good times ahead. To celebrate the divine glory of Lord Sri Jagannath and indulge in the celebrations safely with families, Tanishq is offering a tribute to Lord Sri Jagannath through a special jewellery collection of pendants and rings. The brand has launched 7 gold jewellery designs carved by master craftsmen and gold coin in 22kt gold.


Tanishq’s tribute to the divine deities of Jagannath, Balaram & Subhadra, this beautifully crafted pendant is truly striking and almost transcedent.




Divine Lord Jagannath Ring in 22 KT Yellow Gold

with black enamelling at the center surrounded by carved floral motifs.




We pay a tribute to Lord Jagannath through these pendants and our designers and master craftsmen have put in their heart and soul into crafting these divine pendants. Handcarved and embellished further with enamel work, they stand as a testament to the spirit of devotees. Now you can keep your faith close to your heart with these pendants.


“Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra Festival is one of the most revered festivals celebrated by devotees since the times of Puranas. It is believed that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Sri Jagannath and descended to Earth to provide protection during this Kaliyuga! In the wake of trying times like these, the festivity of Rath Yatra brings with it a harbinger of luck, new beginnings, and fortune. The upheavals that we go through in the tough times can be surpassed with a strong Spiritual connection and the energies that newly introduced pendants emanate from Tanishq help the wearer tide through difficult situations. These new pendants have been designed in 22Kt Gold, as powerful talismans of protection and good fortune and make as a perfect symbol of auspiciousness and adornment, “ said Abhishek Rastogi -Head of Design, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited.


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