Technology becoming the key driving force: Modi

New Delhi, Aug 20:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said technology is becoming the “key driving force” as the world and the parameters of war and defence are fast changing.

Modi SelfieSpeaking at a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) event here, Modi said: “The world is changing very fast and so are the parameters of war and defence. Technology is becoming a key driving force.”

“I see that the big challenge is how do we complete our work before time. If the world will finish something in 2020, can we do it by 2018,” he said.

Commending the work done by Indian scientists, Modi said: “Our scientists work very hard in the lab. They sacrifice a lot and that is when they come out with something in the interest of humankind.”

The prime minister, in an attempt to help inspire students, said: “Let us identify universities in this field and then associate a scientist with the university. It will help students.”


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