Tension in city hospital after death of woman

Reported by Santosh Jagdev

Bhubaneswar, Mar 29:

Tension prevailed at the Sparsh hospital under Saheed Nagar Police limits here on Saturday following a protest by family members of Sucharita Nayak, who died while in the ICU of the hospital for treatment.


Demanding an inquiry into the death of Sucharita, her family members who had come from Laxmisagar, said that she was admitted to the hospital yesterday night to give birth to her child. The deceased had been to hospital for regular check-up earlier. After a safe delivery, this morning they found mother Sucharita was dead. Infuriated by this, family members staged a protest blaming the doctor for her death.

Hundreds of relatives of the deceased protested in front of the hospital for more than two hours today. They demanded action against the doctor who allegedly responsible for her death. They alleged total negligence of doctors in duty.

However, they withdrew their protest after local police intervened in the matter.

Later, the body of the deceased was taken to the Capital hospital here for autopsy by the police.

Inspector-in-charge (IIC) of Saheed Nagar police station Deepak Kumar Mishra said they have registered a case against the hospital officials. Whoever is found guilty during investigation will be punished, the IIC added.

On contacted the hospital authority denied the allegation of their gross negligence and said Sucharita death was happened as she was suffering from heart diseases.

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  1. Smruti Ranjan Badu says

    Very shocking & scared. So negligence from doctor & Hospital..this is not death rather killing. Mr. CM & health Minster… Where the progress of Odisha in last 15 yrs, where we stand in health Care, could you pls do the needful and take exemplary action against the culprits

  2. sonia sahoo says

    This is awful, who is going to pay for the concequences, and what about the baby,

    Strong action should be taken against the concerned doc and the hospital.
    We demand a proper enquiry on this..

  3. dipankar Kuanr says

    Very shocking. It raises serious questions on the accountability of the Pvt hospitals in Bhubaneshwar. The wrongdoers and the irresponsible individuals must be penalised. If it can happen in BBSR it can happen anywhere in Odisha. And what face you have Mr CM if you can not manage and ensure basic medical needs of the people that too in the capital. Now please stand up to take some responsibility.

  4. Rakesh Sahu says

    It is very sad for us and shocking. She was absolutely fine before pregnancy and during pregnancy. She had no signs of heart decease which the hospital is highlighting to hide their seer negligence and wrongdoing. We condemn this and the guilty should be punished. This is not at all acceptable for a hospital like sparsh and the doctors. Mr. health minister, and CM Odisha do not put you hands in glove with Sparsh and initiate immidiate action.

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