The embark of a small town startup, imprinting itself on the nation

Bhubaneswar: After the dreadful period of pandemic, everyone is getting busier and busier day by day as more pending and new works are piling up. With all these people aren’t able to focus on their simple mundane jobs like their car wash, repairs of their beds and furniture, installation or repair of A/C or geysers, having a proper haircut, electric wires work at home, etc.

However, now people can ease their worries as Divyajyoti Mohanty, an emerging business person from Cuttack, Odisha, Founder and CEO of Trovestack Pvt Ltd who have introduced a simple solution by providing hxpert Home Services on your smartphone, where you can just tap some button on your smartphone and get experts for your home services work.

Divyajyoti Mohanty came up with hxpert home services to not only ease the home services work for everyone but also help Odisha PAN India to create more employment by recruiting professionals and training them into experts. Now Divyjyoti Mohanty is expanding its reach to all the cities of Odisha and creating opportunities for experts to join and use their skills for the community. His present goal is to make recruit more and more experts from each corner of India and help PAN India in service providing.

Through Divyajyoti Mohanty’s keen observation of other home services providers, he saw many issues with customers as well as the experts who have joined these providers. With customers he saw, people are not getting a satisfactory level of work completion, the experts are not well trained on the behaviour so many times there are rude experts, for simple fixing jobs the providers are charging a hefty amount which becomes a burden to customer wallets, etc. And with experts, he found out that they are heavily charged for their training sessions, also charge a quite amount for the kit related to their work, are not trained thoroughly on work or behaviour, charging heavy commission from their work, etc.

For all the above issues DivyaJyoti Mohanty came up with solutions for both customers and experts. With the Customer, he kept the service charges to the minimum in which the work can be done, not charging hefty amounts in the name of the commission, Training the experts thoroughly in both work and their professional behaviour so that he can get a happy and smiling customer. With Experts, there are no charges for their training sessions and their kits as they work with Divyajyoti.

Let’s understand the concept of the income flow of an expert with an example. Let’s say an expert works in a salon on a salary basis of rs20,000/- monthly no matter how many customers he serves per day (either it could be more than 10 or lesser). But with hxpert, they can earn their income according to the number of customers they serve per day (it depends upon their capacity). Instead of their monthly salary, hxpert offers ease of doing business where they can generate their own income

With is these wonderful thoughts of Divyajyoti Mohanty are not only sufficient to the needs of customers and experts but to increase the lifestyle of each and every person. He aims to make every city a smart city. As he thinks in today’s era if everyone has a smartphone then why each city can’t be a smart city? He intends for people to update their lifestyle and avail of any services at the tip of their fingers. Being smart makes life easy, and making cities smart makes the nation easy.

Hxpert Home Services created by Divyajyoti Mohanty makes the services easier to reach, makes ease to the wallet, and moreover provides a satisfactory level of work. In terms of Cost of Service, it’s better than any other home services provider out there. With helping PAN India in mind, he also is giving opportunities for franchising its brand in each and every city.

Each city will have a single franchise owner who can avail the fruits of the company’s effort in the corresponding city. Now anyone can join hxpert as a Business Associate with a small investment with a offers a 36% ROI that can reach 900% or higher. The ROI that each franchise owner would receive would be loads and loads of worth and if they remain for a long period of time then that ROI would become a mountain of worth.

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