Time Travel through road bikes at Cycle Utsav in Odisha Capital

Bhubaneswar: Lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension have found their way into our life, courtesy limited or no physical activity and unhealthy eating habits.

Slowly but surely, people are opting for healthy living and hitting the gym, but Sankalp, a student in Odisha Capital, believes cycling in the open air is unbeatable.

Cycling not only helps you get into shape but also improves flexibility and boosts stamina. It helps to reduce stress and increases concentration power in an individual. From a toned body to an active metabolism, the benefits of cycling are many.

To promote this habit among youngsters, Cycle Utsav is being organized on February 24 and 25 by Decathlon Sports Bhubaneswar.

Picture Courtesy: Decathlon Sports Bhuabneswar/ Facebook

Day one begins with an interesting road bike tournament, Individual Time Travel, i.e., race against time. “We have 10 participants for the event and it’s a 40-km ride. Road bikes are a must for anyone who registers,” said Pramod Behera, sports leader of the event.

The second day will have a peril ride where cyclists have to pedal down a bumpy track. “This 20-25 km ride is just for fun,” he said.

Slow cycling for adults and a workshop for cycle enthusiasts will also be conducted simultaneously at Decathlon Sports store in the city, he added.

Picture Courtesy: Drweil.com

Plans are afoot to hold similar ‘utsav’ every month. “Next month, we might do a running activity. We want to encourage people to take up sports or outdoor activities,” Pramod expressed.

‘Cycle Utsav’ is being organised by 54 Decathlon stores across the country the same day.

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