Timeline for India’s Chandrayan-3 out; Check details

Bhubaneswar: More than two years after technical glitch that led to failure of India’s ambitious Moon mission, the country is set to launch Chandrayan-3 this year.

The Department of Space has released the timeline for launch of Chandrayan-3.

In a written reply to questions on delay of the Moon mission in the Lok Sabha, the Department of Space told the Parliament that the Chandrayan-3 project is underway and it is scheduled for launch in August, 2022.

Over the reason behind the continuous delay of the mission, Union Minister of Science & Technology, Dr. Jitendra Singh said, “Reprioritisation of projects has taken place in the backdrop of space sector reforms and newly introduced demand-driven models.”

The Chandrayaan-3 mission was slated to launch in 2021. However, the lunar spacecraft was delayed due to Covid pandemic.

ISRO planned for the third Moon mission two years after failure of Chandrayan-2 in 2019. According to ISRO’s internal report, Vikram Lander crash-landed on the Moon’s surface due to software glitch.

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