Top 10 Instagram Influencers in India

What’s the first thing you do with a delectable plate of food or that glowing skin post-workout? You Instagram it, duh!

A low-key photo-sharing app that was released in 2010 has transitioned today into the biggest social media, growing at an unstoppable pace. Today, Instagram is an interactive app that has finessed the perfect aesthetic in all kinds of artistic fields: art, music, dance, travel, fitness, and much more. So much so that the dialect ‘Do it for the Gram’ has become a millennial staple these days.

 This decade has seen a definite rise in Instagram influencers, which shows how deep the impact runs. Statistics have proved that influencer marketing is now a half a billion-dollar industry, and when it comes to influencers, Instagram is where it’s at (but you already know that). So the question arises – Who’s the most gram worth influencer currently?

Let’s take a look at India’s Top 10 emerging Instagram influencers who entertain millions by adding some color to our Instagram feeds every day –  

Santoshi Shetty

Fashion Blogger

A leading fashion influencer who keeps the Instagram feed sizzling with the freshest fits and stunning visuals, Santoshi Shetty, has amassed a strong following of 719k on Instagram. Along with her Instagram influencing, she also runs a fashion blog called She has also bagged many awards, including the Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016, Elle Blogger of the year 2016 & Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017. 

Savi & Vid


Savi and Vid are a travel influencer duo who started in high school and are happily married now. The journalist-photographer couple has visited over 80 countries together. They have won several awards for their work in the form of fun and interactive travel blogs that are a hit with travel fiends and delivered many TEDx Talks that tell the incredible tale of passion and hard work. With a following of 485k, the duo has taken over the travel section of our explore pages and given it a vibrant twist.

Karan Dua

Food Blogger

A foodie who’s an affair with all things sumptuous has delighted the mass through his Instagram called ‘Dil se foodie.’ He is known for his delectable recipes and reviews of underrated and hip food places since the late 2000s. A following of 637k and a feed full of all lip-smacking dishes is what it is all about. Make sure to vicariously live through his Instagram posts that feature him exploring new food platters in the dusty lanes of Indian cities all around the year.  

Kanana Gill


One look through a beaming bearded Kanan’s Instagram would tell you all that there is to know about this young and lively comedian who keeps the laughs going. From funny skits, live standup routines to corny captions just for the giggles, Kanan is the ultimate Instagram comedic icon. His career as a comedian has been commercially successful, with his Youtube videos and movie cameos being well received by his fanbase. With a follower count of 361k on Instagram, Kanan’s humor never fails to brighten our day.

Dolly Singh


Quite an internet sensation and probably one of the funniest women on digital media, Dolly Singh boldly dons the cap of a versatile comedic artist. From Sati Savitri to south Delhi diva and stay at home moms, her comedy avatars and perfect mimicry keep people glued to her Instagram feed. A humble influencer whose rags to riches story have inspired many; Dolly Singh has been going strong with a following of 1Million on Instagram. 

Ranveer Allahbadia

Fitness Blogger

Ranveer, a keen fitness enthusiast, has the masses swooning over his fitness routine and inspiring workout videos. Not only is he a fitness guru, but he also makes inspiring short videos to motivate his followers and delivers quick tips on love, life, and much more through Instagram posts. If you’d like immediate advice on texting better, beer to bicep transformations, Ranveer’s Instagram is calling out to you!

Varun Aditya


Awarded as the Nat Geo photographer of 2016, Varun Aditya is India’s most prominent wildlife photographer. As soon as you step in his Instagram feed, you are transported to the wilderness with spotted feral carnivores to beautiful shots of stags in all their glory. Varun’s photography results in breathtaking photos on his Instagram that are thoroughly enjoyed by his 1.1 Million followings.

Virat Kohli


India’s finest batsman and a heartthrob, Virat’s Instagram is heartwarming. It portrays him to be a light-hearted goof along with his wife, actress Anushka Sharma. He frequently posts snippets of him traveling around the world with the Indian cricket team, sneak peeks from his daily life, and much more. His fans avidly follow his every Instagram update. With a massive following of 1.1 Million, Virat is genuinely an Instagram influencer as well.

Priyanka Chopra


An actor, a UN ambassador, a socialite, Priyanka Chopra, has made her mark internationally. With a follower count of 58 Million, she is an Instagram influencer in every sense. Regular positive affirmations, happy and carefree selfies, and behind the scenes from her shoots are what Priyanka’s Instagram feed is made. A feminist icon for many, she comes across as the perfect role model in reel and real life.

Aaditya Thackeray


An ambitious youth political leader belonging to Shivsena, Aaditya is also quite the Instagram influencer whose Instagram feed keeps us in the loop of his day to day activities. He often shares snapshots and political updates with his following of 537k on Instagram.

The craze about Instagram influencers doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The platform of Instagram allows people to showcase their talent and passion and monetize it big time! The growing possibilities of recognition and appreciation for talent and self-expression through every Instagram post has become a vast and diverse pool. Tap into the magic of influencing Instagram or even better, create your string of posts, and reach out to people worldwide. What are you waiting for? Log in, keep scrolling and check up on your favorite influencers and what they’re up to!

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