Traffic advisory issued for Rukuna Ratha Jatra in Odisha capital tomorrow

Bhubaneswar: In view of the Ashokastami car festival (Rukuna Ratha Jatra) of Lord Lingaraj to be held here tomorrow, the  Commissionerate Police today issued a traffic advisory to ensure better convenience and in the larger interest of public safety.

As per the advisory: 

  • No vehicle will be allowed on Rath road from Mausi Maa Chhak. They will be diverted either towards Museum Chhak or Vivekananda Marg.
  • No vehicle will be allowed on Rath road from Barik Sahi lane, Maharana Sahi lane, Gosagareswar Chhak, Sital Sasthi lane, Tinimundia Chhak, Harchandi lane, Muna medical lane and Punama gate lane or any other lane/ by-lane emerging at Rath road.
  • Vehicles from Rath Khala will not be allowed on Rath Road, instead they will be diverted from Rath Khala towards Bata Mahadev Temple.

“This order is passed in the large interest of public safety and violation of the instant order is an offence punishable under section 96 of Odisha Urban Police Act 2003 and is compoundable by an officer with a minimum fine of Rs 500 which may extend upto Rs1000 per offence,” the advisory read.


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