Turkey kills 55 IS members in Syria

Ankara, May 8:

Turkish military killed 55 Islamic State (IS) members in Aleppo province of Syria, the armed forces said on Sunday.

(file pic/ source-nypost)
(file pic/ source-nypost)

Turkish army on Saturday destroyed three vehicles and three rocket installations, Xinhua news agency cited an armed forces statement as saying.

In a separate operation with the coalition forces on Saturday, 48 IS members were killed in northern Syria, the Turkish army said in a separate statement on Sunday.

The IS attacks on settlement areas of Syrian opposition ended and the group has retreated, said the military.

Turkish military destroyed a total of 2,144 IS positions in northern Syria and killed 807 militants, the Turkish army said earlier.

Rockets fired from Syria have been landing in Kilis since mid-January, killing a total of 21 people including seven Syrians refugees and injured over 66 people, according to military figures.

While Ankara said it was battling the IS as part of a US-led coalition, the extremist group also orchestrated a number of suicide bombings in Turkey’s capital and Istanbul, leaving hundreds killed. (IANS)

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