Twin typhoons approaching Japan

Tokyo, Aug 22:

Two powerful typhoons are expected to hit Japan’s Ogasawara islands and Okinawa prefecture on Saturday and Sunday.


Japan’s Meteorological Agency said that as of Saturday afternoon, typhoon Atsani was moving northwest at a speed of 260 km east of Chichijima island, south of Tokyo, NHK news agency reported.

The typhoon is packing winds of 144 km per hour. Winds exceeding 90 km per hour are blowing in areas 220 km from the centre of the storm.

Weather officials said the typhoon came closest to the Ogasawara islands in the morning, with fierce winds battering the region. They expect rough seas with 8-metre waves throughout the day.

The second typhoon, Goni, is slowly moving northward off northern Philippines.

It is producing gusts of up to 162 km per hour. Its maximum wind speed was recorded at 216 km per hour.

Goni is expected to approach Sakishima islands in Okinawa prefecture on Sunday. (IANS)

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