US filmmakers look at Bollywood with amused curiosity: Abhay Deol

Mumbai, March 7:

Actor Abhay Deol, who is stepping into Hollywood with his international film “The Lovers”, says American filmmakers slot Bollywood as a “genre”, marked by colours, music, pretty women and well built men.

Abhay Deol ( sourec:
Abhay Deol ( sourec:

“Filmmakers in the US see Bollywood with an amused curiosity. For them, musicals traditionally are rare in Hollywood, so that automatically puts all of Bollywood into one genre.

“The word brings up images of bright colours, music, beautiful women and muscular men. Funnily enough most of them haven’t seen any Bollywood film but the name is something they are aware of,” Abhay said.

Directed by Roland Joffe, “The Lovers” also features Alice Englert, Josh Hartnett, Bipasha Basu and Tamsin Egerton. It was earlier titled “Singularity”. IANS

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