US says blame for downed plane lies with Putin

Washington, July 24 :

The US said Wednesday that blame for the crashed Malaysian airliner lies directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Marie Harf, US State Dept Spokesperson
Marie Harf, US State Dept Spokesperson

State Department spokesperson Marie Harf told a regular briefing that Putin was responsible not just for the downing of the jetliner, “but every incident we’ve seen” throughout the conflict in Ukraine, Xinhua reported.

Russian separatists, who the US strongly believes fired the missile that took down the plane, would not be there operating without the support of Putin and the Russian government, Harf said.

The spokesperson added that investigators are still trying to figure out the motives of the culprits.

“We just don’t know what their intentions are,” Hard said, adding that the investigation will continue so “we could hold the people who did it accountable”.

US intelligence officials Tuesday told reporters that Russia was responsible for creating the conditions leading to the plane crash, but did not provide direct evidence of Moscow’s involvement.

Harf also said that investigators are being given “better access” in Ukraine at the crash site, which is controlled by militants in eastern Ukraine.

The US has urged Russia to ensure that the militants in eastern Ukraine allow free access to investigators and do not impede any probe.


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