Use of condom increases in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Use of condom increased more in Odisha than sterilisation method for birth control during the recent years.

According to a report from Health department, the condom use increased by 2.66 percent as compared to previous year in the state.

The statistics showed that people prefer using condoms to sterilisation process and contraceptive pills in the past one year.

While the number of condom users was 1,23,746 in 2016-17, it rose to 1,27,035 (an increase by 2.66% than previous year) during 2017-18.

With increase in use of condoms among people, the supply of the product has gone up in the state. Total 87,31,880 condoms were supplied in 2015-16. It increased to 1,07,44,910 in 2016-17. The number reached 1,16,28,202 during 2017-18.

The use of condoms significantly increased in most parts of the state except 11 districts.

However, people are found to be less interested to undergo sterilisation through surgery for birth control.

According to data, total 1,05,066 women underwent surgical procedure during 2016-17. The number declined to 86,636 in 2017-18 (a fall by 17.54% than previous year) in the state.

Similarly, the sterilisation method is found to be least popular among men in the human society. While 2,635 men were sterilised in 2016-17, the number dropped to only 1,148 in 2017-18 (a steep decline by 56.43% than previous year).

The data showed that total 1,07,701 people both male and female underwent surgical sterilisation during 2016-17 while the number was 87,784 in 2017-18 (a fall by 18.49% both in male and female sterilisation).

Meanwhile, the use of contraceptive pills also declined in 2017-18 as compared to previous years. The number of women using contraceptive pills was 1,58,287 in 2016-17. But, it reduced to 1,50,653 during 2017-18.

With decline of surgical sterilisation, error committed during the method was also reported very less in the state.

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