Veteran journalists hail innovations in world media awards

Beijing, Oct 27:

Winners of the World Media Summit (WMS) Global Awards for Excellence 2014 were announced Monday, including reports on Myanmar and killing sprees in America.

Judges and senior journalists have expressed their appreciation of the event’s innovative elements, Xinhua reported.

world-media-summitTed Anthony, director of Asia-Pacific News of the Associated Press, said he was struck by the quality of the work submitted.

“The most interesting thing to me is to see how different people in the world express their stories in different voices, and the ability to both give voices to people who would not normally have voices and, by using storytelling, to help people understand the world better,” he said.

“I do believe that journalism has the potential to make the world better and help us to look toward a better world.

“The notion of an award like this helps bringing people of the world together to understand each others’ stories, and that is an opportunity for better relations and better communication among different cultures.”

David Schlesinger, former editor-in-chief of Reuters, was impressed by the quality of the applicants and was pleased to find excellent works. Schlesinger has a special interest in innovation in journalism.

“Right now the media industry has a great deal of changes, and it is really fascinating to see what different companies and different journalists around the world are doing in terms of innovation and trying to change themselves,” he said

Jack Gao, former senior vice president of News Corporation, said the emphasis on developing countries was another interesting feature of the awards. The WMS recognised both news teams and news professionals from developing countries.

“The attention paid by journalism to developing countries has long been insufficient, and this event may help to prompt the media industry, organizations and professionals to attach more attention,” he said.

Gao said his background as a former president of Microsoft China had made him very interested in new media innovations in the awards’ selection procedures.

“The WMS awards have provided a platform for the world, especially the world’s journalists, to know better about China, and in this aspect, Xinhua and the WMS deserve huge credit,” he added.

The WMS Global Awards for Excellence are the first comprehensive news awards covering multiple media formats, including traditional press, photography, video and integrated media.

The awards are intended to be authoritative, credible and globally influential. They are open to news agencies, newspapers, TV stations and news websites around the world.


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