Watch: Bollywood star Tiger Shroff stunned by Jaipur street food vendor’s skills

Mumbai: Bollywood action star Tiger Shroff took to social media to appreciate a video of Ali Chicken Centre’s owner shared by the Jaipur-based food blogger Shailesh, who is a content creator at the video-sharing networking app, Moj.

This street vendor is seen dipping his fingers into extremely hot oil to fry chicken, showing neither pain, nor any apprehension. Ever since the video was uploaded on Twitter, it has garnered more than 3.8 million views. Calling the vendor ‘IronMan’, Tiger tweeted: “Moj kardi India ke IronMan!!! Seriously, who is this guy??”

Shailesh, whose social media account goes by the name of @nonvegfoodie, captioned the video with the comment: “Inke haath jalte nahin hai?” (Don’t his hands burn?).


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