[WATCH] Toddler chef becomes internet rage with his cooking skills

Bhubaneswar: There is a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Not necessarily, especially when you watch a toddler trying his hands at cooking.

A one-year-old cooks with his mother in all the cutest ways possible and his moves are completely aww-worthy and is giving us some major culinary goals with his cooking skills.The astonishing part is how this little cute chef who does not even know to taste his food is doing wonders that would steal your heart.

Few hours ago, the little chef’s cheesy portobello mush cups and spaghetti with zucchini clip on Instagram has already been viewed over 1.5 lakh times. Donned with his adorable little red chef’s hat and matching apron, in the video, Kobe gives a step by step tutorial on how to prepare the dish and the little one is also seen tasting one of the ingredients.

This tiny cutest chef is an amateur food blogger and a foodie who likes to help his mom cook new dishes every day and he looks totally delightful in all the videos. He loves to shake bake and sometime spill over.

Here are some clips of the toddler chef that would keep your eyes gaze on and cannot take your eyes off:


There another clip where Kobe is grilling meat and enjoying eating a raw potato .


With over 2.7 lakh followers on Instagram, netizens cannot get over this cutie chef Kobe and whenever he drops a cooking clip of his dishes online, he is showered with praises and lovely comments.

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