[WATCH] Covid norms thrown to wind as villagers jostle to receive jab in Odisha

Jagatsinghpur/Bhubaneswar: While the Government has been asking people to maintain social distance and wear masks to prevent spread of Covid-19 disease, villagers at a vaccination centre in Balikuda area in Jagatsinghpur district were seen blatantly flouting the norms today.

Outside the vaccination centre at Balikuda, villagers in large numbers queued up which is nothing unusual to receive first dose of the vaccine. But what raised eyebrows of many was the manner in which the villagers were standing.

They were standing so closely there was hardly any gap between them. Some even engaged in elbowing and shoving each other, while others jumped the queue.

The scene outside the vaccination centre, resembled that of a cricket or football stadium where people standing in the hope of getting tickets.

Conspicuously, police personnel, who were deployed outside the vaccination centre, turned a blind eye to the violation of Covid norms.

They men in uniform were mute spectators to the complete disarray which defeats the whole purpose of the country’s largest ever vaccination programme.

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