Weekly Horoscope, 31 January to 6 February 2022: Rashifal, Tips for Zodiac Signs

Weekly Rashifal and Horoscope for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces for January 31 to February 6, 2022

Aries: This will be a favourable week for your professional life. You will get recognition for your work, and may also get a promotion or a hike in salary. People involved in social service will perform quite well and will expand their operations. You need to be diplomatic in your approach when dealing with higher authorities. You will be able to focus on what you are meant to do, so this is an auspicious time to put in the hard work, and you will get appropriate rewards. In terms of finances, there will be a good inflow of money. You are likely to enjoy good health, and you will remain optimistic and feel high on energy and enthusiasm.

Tip of the week: Be diplomatic

Taurus: This week, there can be an increase in your day-to-day expenses. On the career front, you are likely to find favourable results, although you may face some problems due to your ego or overconfidence at the workplace. Businessmen, on the other hand, are likely to get good results on the business front. It is also advised to take care of your father’s health as it may decline during this phase, and there could be an argument with him. Natives who are married will see favourable results in their personal life. They can enjoy doing recreational activities with their spouse. You will be filled with a desire to go on a vacation.

Tip of the week: Avoid ego tussles

Gemini: Avoid doing any unethical or immoral activities this week else you can get into trouble. You are advised to stay watchful of your competitors. On the career front, you are likely to face some challenges and may face some delay in achievement of your goals. Businessmen need to be cautious while signing any contract and avoid taking any financial decisions. Students will be inclined to join research, and may find it hard to focus on studies. You are likely to suffer from seasonal infections and care is advised on the health front. It is also not advised to overindulge in eating or drinking as it may lead to poor blood circulation.

Tip of the week: Follow the rules

Cancer: You will get moderate results on the career front and your opponents are likely to be active and give you stiff competition at the workplace. You may also face some troubles from your seniors and colleagues. In matters related to finance, you will not face any major problem and you will be able to manage your finances properly as you may initiate new work in order to accumulate wealth. Your relationship with spouse may remain monotonous, and there might be a lack of excitement. It is advised to be calm and composed while communicating with your partner. You have to take care of your stomach as you may face some digestive problems.

Tip of the week: Take stock of your finances

Leo: You are likely to repay any outstanding debt. Those of you involved in government service will get recognition. Finances will flow smoothly, and there will be a continuous flow of income. There will be desired financial gains, and money stuck for a long time is likely to be released. Relationship-wise, your love life will be happy and enjoyable, and you will act more responsible and will have a greater sense of commitment. Inclination towards a romantic relationship is very high. Students appearing for competitive examinations will get success during this phase. Healthwise, you are likely to improve and may get relief from any past ailments.

Tip of the week: Love is in the air

Virgo: This week, you may be distracted and can face issues in presenting your ideas. Work on your focus and talk to your seniors about the issues being faced. Businessmen may not yield expected results from the deal they make. Financially, this period will give you average results as you may face ups and downs in the cash flow, and there may be some financial pressure or burden on you. You will be spending money on your children and their needs, and hence strict financial discipline is required. Relationship-wise, there may be some issue in your love life as your partner can be demanding leading to unwanted confrontation. Your children may get an opportunity to study abroad.

Tip of the week: Be disciplined in financial life

Libra: During this week, you may experience mood swings and may face some hurdles in executing routine work. Those employed need to follow strict discipline to complete their tasks on time. Gains through the rental property will help you to accumulate wealth. However, it is advised that one should be patient and thoughtful before making any big investment. Your love life may witness some obstacles as rude behavior can lead to frictions in existing relationship. Your mother’s health may decline and she will need medical care. Your health will remain robust but you need to include regular workout in your daily routine to keep in good shape.

Tip of the week: Do regular workout

Scorpio: This week, you will excel on many fronts and will see good things happening in in your life. On the career front, you will put in a lot of hard work that will pay off well, and you will get recognition for everything you do. Financially, this period is favorable for you as you may receive financial gain with the help of friends or siblings. Investments in speculative schemes will also pay rich dividends. Your love life will continue to be happy and joyous, and you may also go on a short journey which will strengthen your bond with your beloved. You will enjoy good health during this period, and will be free from prolonged disease if any.

Tip of the week: Plan a short trip

Sagittarius: This week, you will be positively motivated to achieve your goals. This is a favourable phase for those working in the field of liasoning and government service. Financially, it is very wise to save now so that you can reap the benefit in the future. There will be many opportunities to gain, and your income will increase substantially. Your love life may get affected due to the demanding nature of your partner. You need to set the expectations to avoid any misunderstanding in future. Students are likely to stay focused in their education and will perform well in any competitive exam. Health concerns relating to shoulder and nervous system need to be monitored closely.

Tip of the week: Increase your savings

Capricorn: You will now begin to see an improvement in your career. Financially, you may have to face some ups and downs. Avoid lending money to anyone nor make any new investment. You may also find it tough to balance your personal and professional life during this phase. It would be wise to keep them separate. In personal life, there may be some problems with your spouse, and there are chances of your relationship getting sore. Hence, try to keep yourself in check when dealing with them. Students will be full of confidence and will get good marks and score well in competitive examinations. Pay attention to seasonal ailments.

Tip of the week: Maintain work-life balance

Aquarius: You should explore work opportunities out of the country. Otherwise, you may face difficulty and challenges. Those in business need to make some timely investments else expenditure is likely to shoot up dramatically. Analyse every business deal that is on the cards carefully and make a well-informed decision. Hidden enemies can create trouble in your way of success and achievement of goals, and hence you are advised to be cautious about the same. Misunderstanding and arguments with loved ones can create a dilemma in life. Health-wise, you need to take proper sleep and let your nerves relax.

Tip of the week: Take well-informed decisions

Pisces: This week will be favourable for your career as senior officials will support your efforts. There are possibilities of earning sudden profit. You are likely to finish all the existing projects that you have been working on for a long time, and you will get rewards and recognition for the same. For businessmen, this is a very fruitful period as you will find new business proposals. Your financial position is also likely to improve with an increase in the flow of earnings. Relationship-wise, your love life will sail smoothly as the two of you will develop feelings for each other. Health will remain robust, but avoid eating street food.

Tip of the week: Avoid street food




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