Would you raise a toast to ‘Beer Maggi’? Here’s list of other weird noodle recipes

Bhubaneswar:  You might be a Maggi fanatic but how far could you go to prove it? If offered, would you ever try a mug of ‘Beer Maggi’?

Sounds bizarre!

Well, you would be surprised to know that a restaurant in Delhi introduced ‘Beer Maggi’ in December 2020 and shared it on social media platforms to find out what people thought about it.  A short video of the recipe was shared on an Instagram profile named So Delhi and the post read, “It’s not beer-just foam and Masala Maggi broth.”

Irked netizens rebuffed the ‘Beer Maggi’ recipe and within no time, the page was flooded with sarcastic comments.

While one user commented, “Absolutely disgusting. If covid were a drink, this would be it,” another wrote, Maggi be like: “Maaa meri shaktiyo ka galt istmaal hua hai.”

Here’s a peek:


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However, the bizarreness doesn’t end with Beer Maggi. Here are some more experiments with Maggi that clearly went wrong and infuriated Maggi lovers on the social media platforms:

  • Maggi Pani Puri

  • Chocolate Maggi

  • Curd Maggi

  • Oreo Maggi


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  • Orange Maggi


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