Yagyaseni- The fire born

Bhubaneswar: One Room Productions released a two and a half minute film Yagyaseni- The fire born, two days ago.

Yagyaseni, meaning the fire born, was another name for Draupadi, the famous character from Indian epic, Mahabharata. This short film portrays the darker side of society where women are being abused by the well-known Babas and Sadhus‘ these days.

“In the recent years, we have come across a ton of cases where the Gurus turn into predators, molesting and raping minors while often the families support them blindly. It is important to see beyond the mask and unfollow religious beliefs that can become a threat to the harmony and peace of human civilization,” says Sridhi Dash, the director and script writer of this film. 

This film is about women who now need to be their own saviors because this age doesn’t have a Krishna to help them. Blind beliefs, sexual abuse, and social stigmas about a woman’s dignity are what this film focuses on and is beautifully enacted, she adds.

Giving this film, two and a half minute of your day is definitely worth it!

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