10 indicators you’re burned out

Bhubaneswar:  Have you been waking up in the mornings lately tired, hopeless and in pain? Does the idea of getting ready for work make you squeamish? That might be an indicator that you are burned out.

Burn out seems to be inevitable when there’s a lot of work to do and time period is limited. Working hard is of course the key to success but one should know when to take a pause and rest before getting back to work. If anything, this only enhances a person’s work output.

People generally don’t take the condition of burn out quite seriously. However, they might be unaware that this condition, if not addressed in the right time, could eventually cause them some serious health conditions like blood pressure or even heart diseases. So, it’s important that one should identify when they feel burned out and give themselves time to heal.

Here are 10 indicators that might help you identify if you are burned out:


  • Exhaustion that never goes away: You feel exhausted all the time, either physically, mentally or both ways. Checked in with eating better, working out and even spent time out with friends but nothing seems to drive the exhaustion away. That’s a major indicator that your work has burned you out.


  • Feeling detached and demotivated: the next phase is cynicism. You feel detached and disinterested. Slowly, you begin to care less about everything and everyone that mattered. This leads to demotivation and you don’t feel like giving your best shot at work. Generally, exhaustion is the root cause for the mechanism.


  • Questioning self-worth: With lack of spirits and right motivation, a person is bound to underperform on work front. If that continues for a long time, the person starts doubting his/her own competence and gradually, slips into depression.


  • Job dissatisfaction: Your dream job begins to turn into a nightmare. You start hating everything about your job that otherwise seems fascinating to you. This is an obvious indicator of your professional burnout.


  • Everything/ everyone annoys you: Even the silliest of things that people at your work place say or do, start bugging you and you simply fail to keep your tolerance level in check.


  • Failing to concentrate: You realise you are never mentally there in the room. You tend to forget things, fail to concentrate on assignment and frequently deal with mental block.


  • Frequent headaches: Continuous stress and restlessness trigger frequent headaches, muscle pain and uneasiness in people having burn outs.


  • Trouble sleeping at nights: Stress or any sort of mental or physical inconvenience ultimately affects a person’s sleep cycle. So, a person dealing with burn out finds it nearly impossible to have a sound sleep at nights.


  • Binge eating, drinking or smoking: People dealing with stress of any kind generally distract themselves with binge-eating, binge-drinking (alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages), binge-watching movies or series and even chain-smoking. All these, for some short-term self-comfort. However. These do more harm to them than good.


  • Falling sick every now and then: You frequently fall sick. Sometimes, its blood pressure, sometimes a bad headache with blurred vision and sometimes, you just don’t have an explanation for your deteriorated health.


These are all alarming signs of the fact that you are highly burned out and are in absolute need of some break to get better. So, if you identify any of these signs in yourself, you might want to take a pause and help yourself to get better both physically and mentally. You ought to seek medical attention, should you realise so.


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