No non-veg food, only Gujarati delicacies for Xi Jinping’s palate

Ahmedabad, Sep 13 :

Chinese President won’t be served any non-vegetarian food during his visit here, but he won’t be left disappointed as more than 100 Gujarati dishes, including Dhokla, Bajre ki roti, Puran Poli and Lapsi will tickle his taste buds.

Xi Jinping, Chinese President
Xi Jinping, Chinese President

Xi will be able to partake mouth-watering Gujarati dishes like Handvo, Kadhi-Khichdi, Kheer, Churma’s laddu, Methi’s Thepla, Baingan Ka Bharta, rice papad, ganthiya, kesar mango juice, Sev tomato vegetable, Dal dhokli, anjir halwa, shira, 10 flavours of local ice-creams and many more dishes.

The dishes will be served Sep 17 evening at Ahmedabad’s river front.

A source at the hotel that has been given the catering contracts told that no non-vegetarian or Chinese food would be served to the guests.

The source said: “Gujarati and Kathiyawadi food will be served. Our chefs are now busy preparing more than 100 items, which start from soups to desserts.”

The officials of food and drug and forensic science departments are on their toes to check each food item. The identity of the chefs too are being cross-checked by the police, sources said.

A special Kutchi folk dance and music programme comprising Gujarat dandiya and garba will be presented.

Hectic work is going on at the Sabarmati river front where a fire and water proof dome is being erected for the venue.

Regular morning walkers at the river front told IANS that they have been prevented to walk there by the police.

A senior citizen said: “I could not do my morning exercise as police have cordoned off the area.”


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