14-YO girl designs solar ironing cart to protect environment

Bhubaneswar: A 14-year-old girl from Tamil Nadu has designed a solar ironing cart to protect environment and to stop climate change that is the biggest threat to human lives.

For her unique invention, Vinisha Umashankar has been nominated for this year’s Earthshot Prize scheduled to be held at the iconic Alexandra Palace, London, on October 17 (at 12.30 AM IST on Oct 18).

Ironing vendors are common in India. They heat the irons using charcoal, a fuel that contributes to air pollution. But Vinisha has found a solution for it.

“My innovation, the solar ironing cart has a big impact on 13 of the 15 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, making it an innovation that can eliminate the use of charcoal, save a lot of trees, prevent air pollution, halt climate change and reduce global warming,” Vinisha tweeted.

“The big “problem” I am trying to solve is to eliminate the practise of burning charcoal to heat an iron box for pressing clothes by the vendors. My innovation, the solar ironing cart will save trees, reduce air pollution, protect the environment and help stop the climate change,” she added.

The idea brewed in her mind following an incident. On her way to school, she often observed the regular charcoal-ironing carts. Then, she decided to do research on it and to save trees.

She observed that the traditional ways of making charcoal release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which causes respiratory disease.

India is a country which has over 300 sunny days. Vinisha designed the ironing cart powered by clean energy.

“My Earthshot Prize solution is the solar ironing cart. It replaces charcoal with solar energy and it can reduce air pollution, deforestation and even climate change,” Vinisha said in a video message posted on her Twitter handle.

Solar panels are one of the sources of generating electricity that can be used instantly. The solar energy can be stored in a battery, which can power the iron box for over 6 hours. If the number of batteries will be increased, the solar ironing cart can be used more the time without solar energy.

(Note: This story is a part of ‘Punascha Pruthibi – One Earth. Unite for It’, an awareness campaign by Sambad Digital.)

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