16 magic spells Potterheads wished they could use in real world

Bhubaneswar:  Everyone who’s grown up with the Harry Potter legacy or is doing so now, must certainly have, at least once, wished for the wizarding world to be real.  Because, in the world of magic, all it takes to fix a problem or a person is a swift wave of a wand and the spell cast right. Convenient much!

The Harry Potter series, be it movies or books, had a magic spell to fix almost every humanly and wizardly problem. From simple mending spells to dark curses, the spellbook had it all. Having said that, here are 16 spells from the Harry Potter series that you wish you could use in the real world:


  • Lumos: the spell to turn lights in the room on.

                   You could turn on the lights in the rooms without having to get off your bed or sofa.                 


  •  Scourgify: the cleaning spell

                   One wave of the wand and your study table, wardrobe, and the entire room would be clean.

  • Silencio: the spell to silence someone

                   Want to escape the continuous blabbering in the room? You know the spell.


  • Accio-the spell to summon things

                  With this spell, you could have summoned anything from TV remote to your smartphones, their chargers or an important file that you’d be looking for in a hurry.


  • Alohomora: the spell to open doors

                    With this spell you could open doors of any closed room and get in.



  • Colloportus-the spell to lock doors

                    Locking any door would be as easy as closing one with this spell.


  • Wingardium Leviosa: the spell to make things float in the air

                    Need a break from the monotony of your regular days!  With this spell, you could make anything or anyone around you, float in the air.


  • Obliviate: the spell to  erase someone’s memory

                  A bad memory or an unpleasant experience you wished you could have forgotten or erased from someone else’s mind! This spell could have given you a clean slate.


  • Repelo Muggletum: the spell to repel humans

                   This spell could have been a savior for all the introverts and socially awkward people out there.


  • Evanesco: the vanishing spell

                   Ain’t a vanishing spell one of the most interesting tricks in magic! If only you could pull it off.


  • Expecto Patronum: the patronus charm

                 This charm could have protected you from any harmful person or situation.


  • Oculus Reparo: the spell to fixing glasses

                 This could have been an essential spell for people wearing spectacles.


  •   Riddikulus- the spell to transform your greatest fears into a funny thing.

                This spell could have helped you with overcoming your greatest fears so you could have come out stronger and more confident. 


  • Reparo- spell to repair broken objects.

                 With this spell, you could have managed to repair any broken object around you.


  • Homenum Revelio- spell to reveal people nearby

                Feeling like you are being secretly watched? This spell would have pulled the stalkers from hiding.


  • Muffliato-keeps others from overhearing conversations

                Wouldn’t that be a liberating feeling if you could share your secrets with someone you confide in, without the fear of being overheard by anybody else!

So, which among these spells you would have used if magic was real in the human world!

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