187 coins removed from 58-YO man’s stomach in Karnataka

Bengaluru: A peculiar medical case at Nijalingappa Medical College’s HSK Hospital and Research Centre has attracted eyeballs after a team of doctors surgically removed as many as 187 coins from the stomach of a 58-year old man here.

As per reports, one Dyamappa Harijan of Lingasugur area in Raichur city was rushed to the hospital after he complained of acute abdominal pain and vomiting. On conducting an ultrasound of the abdomen of the elderly patient, who’s also schizophrenic, the report left everyone surprised as coins were found in his abdominal cavity.

On Saturday, a two-hour surgery was performed on Dyamappa and the foreign particles were removed.

Dr Ishwar B Kalaburgi, who headed the surgery, told The Indian Express that on Monday they questioned the 58-year old schizophrenic patient regarding this matter after his recovery.  Addressing the doctors’ questions, the elderly patient said that he was a beggar and whenever he received a coin, he swallowed it and drank water. That gave him some sort of pleasure and he thought the coins would get digested.

                                              [Pic Courtesy: The Indian Express]

Of the 187 coins that the surgeons removed from Dyamappa’s stomach, 56 were of Rs 5 denomination, 51 were Rs 2 and 80 were Re 1, said Dr Kalaburgi.

Talking in brief about the surgery, he further said that schizophrenic patients think, feel and behave abnormally.

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