2 April 2023 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Auspicious Time, Astrological Prediction For Zodiac Signs

Rashifal and Horoscope for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces for 2 April 2023, Sunday.

Aries: One way to show appreciation for others is by acknowledging their successes, which can be enjoyable for you. However, if you have overspent in the past, you may face consequences in the present, including financial difficulties. Even if it requires some effort on your part, consider spending time with children during your free time. Romantic involvement could bring added joy to your life. Be mindful of your possessions to avoid losing them through carelessness. Your spouse may help you appreciate the joys of life today. Remember that procrastination can lead to failure, but incorporating meditation and yoga into your routine may be beneficial in overcoming this habit.

Lucky Colour: Blue.

Auspicious Time: 2 pm to 5 pm.

Remedy: Wear shoes with a combination of black and white colours for strong financial life.

Taurus: Your cheerful personality can bring happiness to those around you. However, if you have spent excessively in the past, you may encounter consequences in the present, resulting in financial hardships. Concerns regarding the health of an elderly family member may cause some tension. The anticipation of meeting a long-time friend may quicken your pulse. Today, you could make plans to meet up with old friends and make good use of your free time. Your spouse may surprise you with their exceptional qualities. It’s best to be truthful and work with integrity to avoid future losses rather than avoiding the issue.

Lucky Colour: Orange.

Auspicious Time: 12.30 pm to 2 pm.

Remedy: Keep silver with a little amount of Basmati rice in locker to maintain good financial life.

Gemini: It’s essential to take care of your health. All commitments and financial transactions require careful handling. Being invited to your child’s award ceremony can bring happiness, as seeing them live up to your expectations can make your dreams come true. Love can bring positive energy into your life. Consider spending your free time with a close friend or family member in the evening. However, be mindful that something they say may upset you, causing you to leave earlier than anticipated. Your spouse may display extraordinary qualities today. Unexpected visitors may arrive, but spending time with them may be enjoyable as they share their thoughts and experiences with you.

Lucky Colour: Mauve.

Auspicious Time: 3.30 pm to 5 pm.

Remedy: Eat almonds, whole peanuts, split bengal gram, ghee and offer yellow cloth at religious places for health benefits.

Cancer: Your general health may be good, but travel could prove stressful and exhausting. Receiving money today could help ease financial burdens. Be mindful of your temper and avoid hurting your family members’ feelings. Make wise decisions when it comes to matters of the heart. Remember that your time is valuable, and it’s not worthwhile to spend it around people who are challenging to understand, as it may lead to more difficulties. Today may be a better day than usual with your spouse, as you may feel a stronger connection. If a colleague’s health suddenly declines, offer them your full support.

Lucky Colour: Light Pink.

Auspicious Time: 9 am to 10 am.

Remedy: Drink water stored in copper vessels and stay disease free.

Leo: Engage in creative activities to avoid the habit of being idle, which can adversely affect your mental peace. Financial gains are possible, and any money borrowed in the past may be returned promptly today. Spending the evening with your spouse by watching a movie or enjoying dinner can help you relax and feel wonderful. Once you’ve found true love, nothing else seems to matter, and you may come to this realization today. Those living away from home may prefer to spend their free time in a park or other peaceful setting after completing their daily tasks. Today may be the most romantic day of your life with your spouse, causing you to become absorbed in your own world and potentially upsetting your family.

Lucky Colour: Avoid White.

Auspicious Time: Before 2 pm.

Remedy: Respect scholars and judges to gain knowledge.

Virgo: Despite a busy day, your health is likely to be perfect. There could be an argument with your spouse today over financial matters, but your calm demeanor will help resolve the issue. The social activity you have planned for the evening may turn out to be even better than expected. Without the presence of your significant other, you may feel a sense of emptiness. Be authentic in your conversations, as pretending to be someone you’re not will get you nowhere. An encounter with a stranger may cause tension between you and your partner, but don’t force yourself on your lover if they don’t want to talk. Give them space and time, and the situation may improve on its own.

Lucky Colour: Light Red.

Auspicious Time: 2 pm to 3 pm.

Remedy: Give red flowers to your beloved to make love life stronger.

Libra: Outdoor activities will be tiring and stressful for you today. Gambling or betting may invite huge financial loses. Some people may try to harm you to settle the score today. You should try to avoid any argument or confrontation with anyone today. You should not use harsh words towards your spouse or beloved. You are likely to go for shopping along with your family members today. Someone may try to interfere in your marital life but he/she would not succeed.

Lucky Colour: Saffron

Auspicious Time: 10 am to 12 noon

Remedy: Pour water in money plant and enjoy a better financial position.

Scorpio: Your health condition will remain fine today. You are likely to face certain financial problems today. You should learn to save money to avoid similar condition in future. You are likely to visit a theatre with your spouse today. You should learn to utilize your leisure time to boost your professional skills. You should not waste your time on unproductive things. You are likely to enter into an argument with your spouse today. Discussion and reconciliation are the only way to solve the issues.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Auspicious Time: 4 pm to 5 pm

Remedy: Pay respect to women and enjoy a happy family life.

Sagittarius: There will be certain issues in your family today. This will add to your mental woes. Investment in real estate and gold may bring you good returns. You should avoid argument and misunderstanding with any of your family members today. Your spouse may develop certain health complications today. You are likely to finish some of your pending tasks today. You should utilize your leisure time for some creative works.

Lucky Colour: Light Pink or Peach

Auspicious Time: 3 pm to 4.30 pm

Remedy: Chant ‘Aum Surya Narayanaya Namo Namah’ in the morning and enjoy a happy family life.

Capricorn: You should take proper rest to stay fit. You are very likely to get monetary benefits from your mother’s side today. Your maternal uncle or maternal grandfather may help you financially. Certain issues may come up in your family over monetary issues today. You should advise all family members to maintain transparency in monetary issues. You will have a memorable day with your spouse today. Today, you are likely to get some leisure time in the evening after a gap of many days.

Lucky Colour: Grey

Auspicious Time: 10 am to 12 noon

Remedy: Keep roots of a banana tree in your bedroom and enjoy a happy marital life.

Aquarius: Take care of your health to avoid any complications. You should discuss all monetary issues and your investment plans with your parents and seek their suggestions or advice in this regard. Your stubborn nature could affect the peaceful environment in your family. You should not comment on any person or situation without looking into all aspects. Your friends may come forward to help you in your difficult time. You are likely to visit a shrine or tourist place with your spouse today.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Auspicious Time: 2 pm to 3 pm

Remedy: Distribute sweets among children of poor families to enjoy a better financial position.

Pisces: Your rash behaviour may create tension in your family. You should consult the experts and your parents before investing your money in any new project. Any divergence in this regard may invite severe financial problems for you in future.  A friend may seek your advice to solve his personal problems. Your spouse will try her/his best to keep you happy. You will have heavy workloads in the daytime today but you are likely to enjoy some leisure time in the evening. Some old friends may visit you today.

Lucky Colour: Red

Auspicious Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Remedy: Provide assistance to physically-challenged people and enjoy a good health.

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