21 September 2022 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Lucky Number For Zodiac Signs

Rashifal and Horoscope for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces for 21 September 2022, Wednesday.

Aries: Take a walk for the sake of your good health. Any negligence in the workplace can cause you financial loss. Going out with friends in the evening will be good for you. Chances of sudden romantic encounters. Colleagues will extend cooperation. Married life will remain good.

Lucky Number :- 8
Lucky Color :- Black and Blue

Remedy :- Place the conch shell in the pooja ghar or altar and worship it daily for good financial life.

Taurus: You may get happiness with the performance of your child. Execution of important plans may give you financial gains. Give attention to the needs of family members. Chances of someone proposing on the cards. Do not get disappointed if results don’t come as per your expectation. Someone from your past may contact you today. Your spouse will shower love on you.

Lucky Number :- 7
Lucky Color :- Cream and White

Remedy :- Offer water to Sun God from a Copper vessel along with Jaggery, wheat, red vermilion, and red flower for professional well-being.

Gemini: Stop overspending. Your partner would be supportive and helpful. A romantic day for you. Slow progress of work  may give you tension. Religious ceremonies may be performed a home. You will have a romantic time with your spouse.

Lucky Number :- 5
Lucky Color :- Green and Turquoise

Remedy: For a faster career growth, ensure that contaminated water is not collected in or around your home.

Cancer: As the Moon is in your zodiac sign, entertainment is the only way to start to live your life. You will have fun with friends while keeping your responsibilities aside for a few period of time. Be careful while driving today. You can make investment in stocks and mutual funds for gains. Longstanding conflict with your beloved will be sorted out. You will handle your personal relationship with care. Avoid people who waste your time. Your spouse will come to know a secret from your past.

Lucky Number: 9.

Lucky Colour: Red, Maroon.

Remedy: Consume milk and curd for health benefits.

Leo: You will remain fit physically for assignments given to you. Check your expenditure or else you will face financial crisis in future. You will spend some time with children. Never neglect your soulmate, who always thinks about you. Decide properly while making plan for any costly venture. You will get engaged at a volunteering work. Marriage is on the cards. Get prepared mentally to tie the knot for blissful life.

Lucky Number: 7.

Lucky Colour: Cream, White.

Remedy: Avoid consuming tobacco, eggs, meat, fish and other tamasic food for benefits in business.

Virgo: Time to get relief from stress on domestic and professional fronts. You will change your lifestyle to keep strains of life at bay. You will have to spend lots of money at a function at home. Always check your financial condition before moving for something. You may get into fight with your spouse over a small issue. Unknowingly, you will hurt your family members today. To regret this, you will waste much time. Your spouse will complain over your negligence to fulfil daily needs including groceries.

Lucky Number: 5.

Lucky Colour: Green, Turquoise.

Remedy: Keep green stones in flower pots, keep plants in green bottles and also have green tiles in bathroom for excellent financial condition.

Libra: You will remain receptive to good things throughout the day. You are advised to ignore those people who would approach you for temporary hand loan. Possibly, you might get upset because of a situation prevalent at your home. Put in your best efforts in the right direction and you will be rewarded with exceptional gains. Life will keep giving you surprises today, but you may be awestruck seeing an astonishing facet of your spouse. It is the right time to change your life style to permanently keep tensions at bay. You would get relief from strains of life which you have been experiencing.

Lucky Number: 8.

Lucky Colour: Black and Blue.

Remedy: Utilise your emotional and intellectual resources to help needy people.

Scorpio: You would come to understand today that unhappiness make you realise the true value of happiness. Persons going through financial crises for the last several months may get money from an unknown source today, which will help eliminate a number of their problems. You need to relax and try to find happiness amid your intimate friends and family members. Surprisingly, you would meet today a person who loves you more than his own life. Today, you will not feel like working in the office. It is due to a dilemma that you will face today, you would not be able to concentrate on your work.

Lucky Number: 1.

Lucky Colour: Orange and Golden.

Remedy: If possible, avoid use of black leather shoes for growth in business/career.

Sagittarius: Your communication skills and work techniques will impress many people. Keep your diet under control and exercise to stay fit and fine. Instead of just sitting around idle, better get involved in something which will improve your buying power. Spend time with your family members when you feel lonely. It would save you from depression and also help you in taking sensible decisions. Avoid getting yourself into new joint ventures and, if necessary, seek the advice of people close to you.

Lucky Number: 7.

Lucky Colour: Cream and White.

Remedy: Pierce seven copper pins under your shoes for better financial prospects.

Capricorn: You may leave from office early and indulge in some fun activities. You may be motivated to overspend but that may cause trouble for you in future. You may focus on social work including charity.  Spending some wonderful time with your beloved one may cheer you up.  A short trip may be on the cards. Your spouse’s love and support would be everything you would need to heal in your tough times.

Lucky Number: 7.

Lucky Colour: Cream.

Remedy: Feed fish in your house’s aquarium every day.

Aquarius:  You must pay attention to your health and avoid intake of liquor.  There could be financial benefits for some. If you are a parent, your child may do something to make you feel proud.  There could be a brief moment of tension in the family.  There could be several problems at workplace.  Traders may have a normal day.  Spending some time alone in the evening may help you relax.  A lie from your spouse may upset you.

Lucky Number: 4.

Lucky Colour: Brown.

Remedy: Wrap equal amount of black and white sesame seeds in a variegated cloth and keep this bundle with you always.

Pisces: You may add long walks to your daily routine for the sake of good health. It may be a good day to take a loan. Your witty nature may brighten the environment around you. Tiny acts of kindness and love may give you immense mental peace.  Your work life may remain busy.   After work, you may sit down with your spouse and reminisce some good, old teenage days.

Lucky Number: 2.

Lucky Colour: Silver.

Remedy: Add more green colour in your daily attire.

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