23 December 2021 Horoscope, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Time, Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs

Check Rashifal, Astrological Prediction, Lucky Colour, Time for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces for 23 December 2021.

Aries: You may get divine knowledge from a saintly man, which will give you comfort. Improvement in finances is on the cards, resulting in purchases. Family situation won’t be normal. There is chance of argument within the family. You need to control yourself in such situation. An exciting day for romance. Be alert in business to save yourself from getting cheated. Possibility of unexpected travel. Your marriage had never been so beautiful and you will realise it today.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: 12.30 pm to 3.15 pm.

Remedy: Be kind to snake-charmers in any way you can.

Taurus: You will be able to earn money without any assistance. Your child will make you feel proud. A spiritual leader or an elderly person will provide guidance. You will have a great time with your spouse.

Auspicious Time: 3 pm to 5 pm.

Remedy: For good health, wrap equal amount of black and white sesame seeds in a variegated cloth and keep this bundle with you.

Gemini: Have rest and try to relax amid work. Suitable day to return borrowed money for avoiding trouble. Unexpected responsibilities might affect your day’s plan. Your seniors may get impressed of the quality of your work. You may like to spend your time alone, away from everyone. Your life partner will treat in a special way.

Lucky Colour: Burgundy.

Auspicious Time: 5.15 pm to 6.15 pm.

Remedy: Offer water on Shivling for happiness amongst family members.

Cancer: Save money as it will be useful in the future during difficult times. You might impress people with your knowledge and sense of humour. You will get new ideas by attending lectures and seminars. Learn to utilize your free time. Your spouse will come to you with some beautiful words.

Lucky Colour: Green.

Auspicious Time: 4.30 pm to 5.15 pm.

Remedy: Apply tilak of white sandalwood to stay fit.

Leo:  You will spend the day with a lot of enthusiasm and use opportunities given to your advantage.  There are chances of economic benefits. Your children will bring you happiness. Paying attention to your domestic as well as professional lives will save you from unpleasant outcomes. Travelling might not be a good idea. Your love life would be ecstatic.

Lucky colour: Green.

Auspicious time: Between 4 pm and 6 pm.

Remedy: Respecting women and not hurting them will preserve the bliss of your family life.

Virgo: Trying to be receptive to positive emotions would help you spend the day in a productive way. Your financial deals would bring you profits.  Your brother would be more supportive towards you. You may spend your leisure time getting involved in creative tasks. You will spend the day relaxed with your spouse.

Lucky colour: Pink.

Auspicious time: Between 6:15 pm and 7:30 pm.

Remedy: Feed rotis or breads to dogs from professional growth.

Libra: You should be careful with your words today for it might spoil your relationship with your partner. You may have to go through financial hardships.  Your elders may come to your aid of you would be seeking emotional reassurances.  It might not be a good day for you to get intoxicated.

Lucky colour: Sea Green.

Auspicious time: Before 5 pm.

Remedy: Keeping water in a copper vessel near bedside overnight and pouring it at the roots of the nearest tree would ensure health benefits.

Scorpio: Go out for a walk to maintain good health. Your financial state might tremble today and you would find it difficult to save money.  Give some time to your children to resolve issues.  You may have to cancel your trip with your partner due to professional obligations.

Lucky colour: Olive Green.

Auspicious time: Between 2 pm and 4 pm.

Remedy:  Before stepping outdoor, apply a paste of saffron or turmeric on forehead.

Sagittarius: All the money you had invested in the past will yield fruitful results today. Of late, your personal life has become your priority but today you will focus on social work, charity and helping those who approach you with a problem. Your colleagues will understand you better today. You will have to devote some extra time at your workplace to finish a pending task. Your spouse will remind you of those early stages love and romance.

Lucky colour: Green
Auspicious time: Before 5 pm
Remedy: Enjoy excellent health benefits by having milk and curd.
Capricorn: Today, you will receive monetary gains from more than one source. You might get a new look or new outfit or make new friends today. Your partner will turn out to be an angel for you today, if you share some love. Today, things might not move the way you want. 
Lucky colour: Grey
Auspicious time: 5 pm to 6 pm
Remedy: Share the prasad offered at the Durga temple with needy people and attain good family life.
Aquarius: Expectant mothers of this zodiac sign should remain cautious while walking on floor. You will possess a considerable amount of money today and this will make you very happy. Give priorities to the needs of your family members. Make them realize that you care for them. Today is a good day to send your resume or appear for an interview. The day is really great for your married life. Let your partner know how much you love him/her.
Lucky colour: Red
Auspicious time: 5pm to 6.30 pm
Remedy: Drink water stored in Copper vessels for excellent health benefits and stay disease free.
Pisces: Some people of this zodiac sign might be forced to make few important decisions today and this will make you feel tensed and nervous. If you are traveling, watch out for your valuables. There are chances of theft or misplacing of your items. You might feel the absence of love today. You have a tendency to set your objectives much higher than you generally do. Do not get disappointed if you don’t get the results as per your expectation. You might feel suffocated in your married life today due to lack of comfort. All you need is to have a good talk.
Lucky colour: Green
Auspicious time: 5 pm to 7 pm
Remedy: Usage of roots of raw turmeric, saffron, yellow sandalwood, yellow grams on a priority basis will enhance health.


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