4 major downsides of hair straightening

Bhubaneswar:  Having straight, smooth and glossy hair is pretty much every woman’s dream and to achieve that, they exhaust every hairstyling option. Hair straightening stands out among them.

Hair straightening widely enhances a woman’s appearance and gives a posh touch to their personalities. As beautiful as the grooming results, the process is not quite an exciting one. Hair straightening means hours of chemical treatment and a series of heat applications or ironing of the hair strands in a salon.  But, they say ‘Beauty is Pain’; so why not!

Well hold that thought because here are four downsides of hair straightening:

  • Hair fall – the process includes a series of heat applications. Too much heat damages the hair follicles thus resulting in split ends, breakage and later, excessive hair fall.
Pic Courtesy: vaya.in
  • Allergic reactions– the chemicals used for straightening hair sometimes cause allergies resulting in rashes and itching of scalp or eyes. In those cases, dermatologists’ consultation is a must.

  • Impermanence– the straightening is not permanent. After few hair washes and frequent exposure to sun rays, the chemical build-up holding the hair straight begins to wear away. Eventually, the hair returns to its original self and you realize all your money, time and effort were in vain.

  • Jeopardized hair health– during the process of straightening, hair loses its natural moisture and gradually turns brittle. The heat applications further dry out the hair strands making them further dry and dull.

Experimenting with hair and style is fun. We just have to make sure nothing is over-done because extremes often make things worse.

So, play with your hair and flaunt it but before that, know your hair and give it all the love it needs.


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