4% rise in crimes against women; 31,982 raped in 2022: NCRB

New Delhi: The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has reported a significant increase in crimes against women, with a total of 4,45,256 cases registered in 2022, a four per cent rise compared to the previous year, which recorded 4,28,278 cases.

According to the NCRB, in 2022, as many as 250 women were murder-cum-rape/gang rape victims across the country.

“There were a total of 6,516 dowry death victims while 4,963 incidents of abetment to suicide of women were reported,” the data stated.

As per the NCRB report, Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest number of crimes against women incidents at 65,743, followed by Maharashtra (45,331), Rajasthan (45,058), West Bengal (34,738), and Madhya Pradesh (32,765).

Among Union Territories, Delhi witnessed 14,247 incidents of crime against women, followed by Jammu and Kashmir (3,716) and Chandigarh (325).

Incidents of kidnapping and abduction of women were at 69,677, posing a challenge for the police forces across the country.

Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest number of kidnapping and abduction incidents at 14,887, followed by Bihar (10,190), Maharashtra (9,297), Madhya Pradesh (7,960) and West Bengal (6596).

Delhi topped the list among Union Territories with 4,032 incidents of kidnapping and abduction of women registered in 2022 while Nagaland registered the lowest with four incidents.

The NCRB data revealed a disturbing picture as 31,982 women were raped in 2022. The data stated that Rajasthan recorded the highest number of rapes at 5,399 followed by Uttar Pradesh (3,690), Madhya Pradesh (3,029), Maharashtra (2,904), and Haryana (1,787).

In Union Territories, the national Capital recorded 1,212 rape cases followed by Jammu & Kashmir (287), and Chandigarh (78).

A total of 85,300 victims reported assault with intent to outrage modesty. Maharashtra saw the highest number with 11,512 incidents recorded, followed by Uttar Pradesh (10,548), Rajasthan (8,508), Odisha (7,327) and Andhra Pradesh (5,884). In UTs, Delhi recorded 2,029 assaults on women with intent to outrage modesty followed by Jammu & Kashmir (1,606), and Chandigarh (42).


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