5 coolest hangout joints to check out in Bhubaneswar

By Nidhi Lohia

Cafes with a concept is fast evolving in Bhubaneswar and now the ‘Smartest City’ boasts of some pretty decent places where one can unwind after a day’s work. These places have become iconic spots in the city for their platter is sumptuous enough, drinks are not at all a let down and ambience is fantastic. Here’s some that are frequently visited!

1. Chill Ummm

Chillumm 1

Within a span of less than a year, Chill Ummm has attained the tag of being one of the most happening joints in the city. Even though a college-goers paradise, the place is stacked with families and love-doves almost on all days, especially the weekends. With its carefree charm and the unique idea of converting bed into tables, Chill Ummm induces a warm feeling from all corners. Their novel highlights include a room specifically designed for laser tag, hookah served in fruit bases; play-station zone and a culture where customers can stay back as long as they wish to. Interestingly, they lately conducted a stand-up comedy show and are very soon planning to pull off another one, this time with a renowned stand up comedy artist. Curious to know? Even we are. With all these special features, Chill Ummm has still managed to keep focus on the food and drinks. No alcohol but the sizzlers and chicken cheese fingers are solid. Our suggestion: Try out their fancy hookah which goes by the name of “Selfie.” We thus leave a room for surprises, but next time you are here, do take a selfie with their Selfie.

Address: 2nd floor, 516/1763/4177, KIIT Road, Patia

Timing: 11am-11pm, Sunday: 12pm-11pm


2. Frespresso

frespresso 1

This fancy little spot brings a retro, classy, cafe-cum-bakery vibe to your eating out experience. In its live bakery you can gorge on their variety of Sweet Eats which we have heard are delectable. Amazingly enough, they provide 15% discount on their bakery items after 9 pm. Looks like, they got some night-visitors already. That apart, they also serve amazing food with their Revel Roasted sandwich and Hazel Caramel Frappe being drool-worthy. It’s like a mini book house too so you can very well sip your Espresso in the Frespresso. Combine this with their music and it’s kind of an all in one. That’s not it, the spot screams of fresh tunes all the time since they host karaoke by musical-talents in the weekends plus they have open jamming sessions by any person who would want to rock on. Already up with their plans of expansion in Bhubaneswar, you will soon find more of Frespresso in the adjoining cities as well. And yes, they have free Wi-fi too. Oops, we just spilled the beans!

Address: Near Big Bazar, Nandankanan Road, Patia

Timing: 9am-11pm


3. Addaadda1

This classy food joint stays true to the source of its name and is more than the perfect getaway “Adda” to fill an evening or any part of the day. Abuzz with young crowd and mostly college goers, you will find the ambience pretty chic with the colorful setting to add in the vibrancy. What adds to the ‘Young’ feeling is the lovely small terrace overlooking the city which serves the purpose of a nice date or a casual meet-up. With food being affordable and scrumptious, you can go for its combinations to avoid the hassle of meal-planning. Its Chinese cuisines and chilly cheese parathas are an absolute try. And then they give Hookah as well, with some nice flavours, preferably the best ones in the city. As of the customer review goes by, “In a nutshell, the ambiance, a great menu and a brilliant service (an extremely courteous manager and his staff) make me give this place a medal!“ we are sure to make this our Adda. How about you?

Address: 4th Floor, SJ Complex, KIIT College Road, Patia

Timing: 12 noon-10:30pm


4. The Chocolate House

Chocolate house 4

The world of chocolates just got a little tastier because with a house of chocolate, you need nothing more. The Chocolate House has become a cult favourite in the city already with many of its beloved sweet treats. Among the extensive menu, the thing that stands out like the undisputed Chocolate-Hero is the Cold Stone Ice-cream which is their signature creation and awesomely mouth watering. Also its Rocky Roads will serve as an absolute euphoria in your mouth. With great assortments of home-made chocolates that come in different flavours like and the combination of a woody sort of ambience, you would not like leaving this place. More interestingly, this quaint little gem of a chocolate house even serves sandwiches not of bread but of waffles too. Also did we just forget to mention that they give complimentary home-made chocolates along with the bill?!  Dream of a chocolate heaven, here it is!

Address:  Shop 6, Plot 3, DL Complex, Infosys Road, Patia

Timing: 11am-10pm


5. Tyre Patty

tyre patty 5

What do we say to a place which got established not even a month back and is a rave in the city already? These days, we call it Tyre Patty. Redefining the concept of cafe in Kolkata, this happy spot has everything, starting from giving a new lease of life to the old worn out tyres, their Hookahs, all of it has got an Oomph-factor. However, this is not what sets the place apart. They have uniquely divided their cafe into 3 amazing sections, the first of its kind in Bhubaneswar. The best part? Besides special spaces for Hookah and Non-hookah lovers, they have an “Aqua Zone” beneath the seats where you can simply dip your feet in the water and puff off a hookah or enjoy some lip-smackers. Talking about the food, you are going to be served variety. Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Thai, Mongolian, you name it and you have it. Yes, and Indian too. Full marks to this for its enjoyable atmosphere and classy innovation!

Address: 3rd Floor, BMC Bhawani Mall, Sahid Nagar

Timing: 11am-11pm

These amazing places are a must visit if you are with friends and the hunger pangs attack you.


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